Customer Advocacy

What the Customer Advocacy Team Does

GuruAid delivers a complex, knowledge-intensive, technical service. We are not perfect, sometimes we do slip and fall, but not for lack of trying. However the majority of our customers are happy with our service.

The customer advocacy team’s main job is to be your advocate and help resolve your concerns. We are not a customer service department. All routine inquiries should be directed to our customer service department which is open 24 hours.

The customer advocacy team’s job is to handle your grievances by mobilizing our company’s resources. We are a rapidly growing organization with more than 800 people. So it’s possible that you feel that we have not lived up to our promise. Our job is to resolve your dispute with our company. It is our mission to turn you into a satisfied customer.

About the Team

We are a small team of professionals based at our headquarters in Branford, Connecticut. Most of us have been with Lester for more than twenty years meeting our customers’ needs and concerns.

Our team is headed by Sarah Hughes – the Chief Customer Ombudsman. What does this mean? Sarah, along with Rachel Grant works for YOU, our customers. Thier focus day-in and day-out is to make sure every single grievance is handled promptly to the customers’ satisfaction. Sarah and Rachel have been with Lester for more than 20 years.

Our promise is that no matter what we will always assume your grievance is real and must be resolved to your satisfaction. You will talk directly to one of the members of our customer advocacy team – no run around or long wait times. Your issue will be resolved to your satisfaction within 2-3 business days – if not sooner.

Contact Us

Address: 388 E Main St, #23L Branford,
Connecticut 06405

Contact: (+1) 855-525-4908

Working Hours: Monday – Friday; 9 am EST – 5 pm EST


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