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Norton Live Update Not Working

Problem Description:
Norton LiveUpdate is an application developed by Symantec Corporation that downloads and installs security updates such as spyware, firewall, or antivirus signature files. If you try to run Live Update manually, you may get message "Error: (8920,223) "Norton LiveUpdate was unable to install an update".
Affected Products:
Norton 360; Norton 360 Premier Edition; Norton Internet Security; Norton AntiVirus; Norton Internet Security for Mac; Norton AntiVirus for Mac
Cause of the Problem:
  • User has attempted to run Live Update manually.
  • Live Update Server maybe temporarily down.
  • Computer is infected with a virus that is blocking Live Update.
Instructions for Fixing Live Update Problem :
Step 1 : Retry Update to see if Live Update
  1. Norton Live Update can occasionally malfunction and terminate connection with your computer.
  2. For Norton Security or Norton Security with Backup: Click Help, and then select Get Support.
  3. For Norton 360 or Norton Internet Security or Norton AntiVirus: Click Support, and then select Get Support.
Step 2 : Check Your Virus Definition Date
  1. Depending on your Norton product, do one of the following
  2. For Norton AntiVirus or Norton Internet Security: Under LiveUpdate, check for the time next to Last Update.
  3. For Norton 360: Click Security. Under Run LiveUpdate, check for the time next to Definitions updated.
  4. For Norton Security: Under You Are Protected, check for the time next to Protection Updates.
  5. If the update time is less than one day, then wait for 24 hours and then run LiveUpdate again.
  6. If the time is more than one day, go to Step 3 to update your virus definitions using Intelligent Updater.
Step 3 : Manually Update Virus Signatures
  1. Go to the Intelligent Updater downloads page. http://www.symantec.com/security_response/definitions/download/detail.jsp?gid=n95.
  2. This is the Symantec & Norton website where you can find the latest versions of antivirus signatures.
  3. Depending on the version of Windows, download the appropriate file.
  4. For Windows 8/7/Vista/XP 32-bit: Click the first file in the list under Filename. The file name starts with the year and ends with v5i32.exe. e.g. 20070828-017-v5i32.exe.
  5. Save the program to the Windows desktop. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the virus definitions using Intelligent Updater.
  6. If the problem persists, then your computer may be infected. Go to Step 3.
If above steps did not help fix your problem, you need assistance from a certified technician. Please call GuruAid at 1 855 484 3114.